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chapter 1: a new journey Edit

owl woke up to her alarm "did i fall asleep playing videogames again!" she muttered, suddenly realizing she got her first pokemon today! "owl! get down here its time to get ready!" her mom yelled. owl raced downstares "oooooo i cant wait i cant wait i cant wait!" she squeeled her mom nodded "yes yes, all girls dream to travel. i heard it on tv." she said "mom, dont beleive everything you hear on there" owl warned " yeah yeah, fox and prof. oak are waiting for you next door" owls mom said, waving her hand dismissively. owl nodded and rushed out. she instantly went to the lab, fox was there "ugh fox, where is your grandfather?" she asked "well if you didnt know" said fox "hes out studying pokemon!" "seriously! im gonna go find him!" owl said running off. she ran towards the grass patch "hey! wait! dont go out!" owl heard a familiar voice yell "huh?" she exclaimed, turning around. oak ran up, he was panting "d- *huff* dont go *huff* its not safe *huff*" owl stood there "wild *huff* pokemon live out *huff* there" oak continued "so? thats why im here" owl told him "no, no *huff* come come. ill get you your pokemon." oak told owl, making his way back to the lab. they got there and fox was waiting impatiently "finally! where have you been! ive been waiting for HOURS!" he told him oak muttered something about the 'ungratefull kids' and how 'his generation was kinder' and all that stuff. oak dug in his pocket and pulled out three pokeballs, he opened them and three pokemon came out. a charmander, a bulbasaur and a squirtile "i call dibs on bulbasaur!" owl called. "ha! lame! im getting this one!" Fox said, picking up the charmander "thanks oak!" owl said putting the bulbasaur in the ball. owl started to walk to the door, "hey owl! your not getting away that easy! your gonna battle me!" fox told her "and what if i say no?" owl asked. Fox sent out his charmander "do it." he said. owl shrugged "go bulbasaur." she said. oak sighed " i dont know what makes you think we have time for this but, go ahead i guess." he said "charmander use ember!" fox ordered. "char?" the small lizard seemed to ask "you DONT know ember? fine, scratch" the charmander nodded and leaped on the bulbasaur, a hit to the head one-shotted the small grass type. oak quickly explained everything else needed and healed owls bulbasaur. "be careful, and good luck." he said, sending them off on there journey

chapter 2. pokemon and parcels Edit

owl ran through the woods, h how nice it felt to be free! she came accross a pidgey "good chance to level up i guess" she muttered, getting bulbasaur out. before anyone could even blink the small bird started pecking, "oh my mew! bulbaaur we got to get out of here you are on 3 hp!" owl yelled, grabbing the small pokemon and booking it to the next town. she got there and ran into the pokemon center. "FIX!" owl told nurse joy, placing the bulbasuar in front of her "hello! would you like to rest your pokemon?" nurse Joy asked "no, why in the name of mew would i want you to kill my pokemon?" owl told her, narrowing her eyes "no no no, not 'put your pokemon to rest' its 'rest your pokemon' so it can regain hp." nurse joy told her, she looked like she was panicking that she was about to be sued for saying such a thing. "okay.... fix him" owl said and nurse joy took him to heal him.she came back with bulbasaur and a parcel. "can you take this to prof.oak for me? we are just so busy and i cant get there myself" she asked owl nodded and took the parcel.

(will continue later, gottta start class)

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